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NYC Ski Shops


One of the most frustrating things about being a skier or snowboarder in NYC, specifically Manhattan, is the lack of quality gear shops. In fact in Manhattan, the only place to buy gear in a traditional retail setting is from either brand name shops such as Burton or from all purpose sporting good stores like EMS, REI, and Paragon.  If ... Read More »

Mount Everest Stadium Sale: Mountain Deals

Snowy Field and a snow plow at the Mount Everest Stadium Sale on Tuesday night!

As we all inevitably will realize, the cost of getting on the mountain can be as steep as the mountain itself.  At We Ski NYC, we recommend that you attempt to scope out your shred plan for the season and buy your lift tickets in the most economical way possible. The resorts want to sell as many tickets and passes ... Read More »

Emilio’s Ski Shop: Profile

NYC Ski Shop

Located in Forest Hills, Queens, Emilio’s is the oldest ski shop in the city. Paul the current owner is extremely knowledgeable as are his staff. They know how to fit you for boots, which is usually the mark of a good ski shop. They have a great selection of both ski and snowboard hard goods, as well as key accessories ... Read More »

Paragon Sports: Profile

Paragon Sports

Similarly to REI, Paragon is known to have everything you need for any kind of outdoor (or indoor) sport or recreation activity you can think of. The shop has been around for a while, and it is huge and just north of Union Square. Paragon offers a seasonal selection of ski and snowboard gear, both hardgoods and softgoods. During the ... Read More »

Panda Sports: Profile

NYC Ski Shop

Panda Sports is one of the two, yes two, dedicated ski shops in NYC. It has been in business since 1987 and proudly serves the five boroughs. With a name like Panda Sports, one might be a little skeptical, but the staff at Panda know their stuff. They have a great selection of both ski and snowboard gear and carry ... Read More »

Aegir Boardworks: Profile

NYC Snowboard Shop

Aegir Boardworks is a full service “board” shop specializing in surf, skate, and snow.  The two owners of the shop are friendly and knowledgable guys who are able to talk all things “board.”  The shop itself is located in a converted loading dock so it has that hip Brooklyn vibe all boarders are looking for.  The snowboard gear is a ... Read More »

Blades: Profile

Blades NYC

Blades has two locations in Manhattan, on the Upper West Side and downtown. Both locations stock an assortment of snowboarding goods. It’s a good option to check out for your snowboard gear if you live in those areas. If you are traveling to get to a shop, I’d probably pick one of the other more local boardshops or ski shops ... Read More »

Homage: Profile


Homage is primarily a skate shop in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. But in the winter they stock some great boards, bindings, and boots. They have knowledgeable staff and they can tell you what you need to know to get that perfect boot, binding, and board set-up. The shop has a cool hip vibe and you will feel right at home here ... Read More »

Skate Brooklyn: Profile

Skate Brooklyn is a skateboarders dream. You walk into an unsuspecting door and the shop opens up to reveal a small skatepark. Local skateboarders spend their nights doing tricks inside this shop and all the while you can be standing next to them picking out your next snowboard. The shop is a good bet to pick up a new set ... Read More »

Bird’s Eye Boardshop: Profile

Bird’s Eye Boardshop is a rider owned and operated snowboard shop. The shop operates online all year round, and last winter they had a Brooklyn showroom. Bird’s Eye offers a wide range of brands on Hardgoods and softgoods for men and women. If you check out their website you can get a feel for this shop. However, since this shop ... Read More »