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Smokin’ Bowls: A Side of the Road Foodie Heaven

Smokin Bowls Soup Shack

Along Rt. 103 in Rockingham, Vermont just before the on ramp to I-91 is a little unassuming shack filled with delicious soups that will make you all warm and fuzzy inside after a cold day on the slopes. Anyone that grew up in the 60′s or has ever seen a Cheech and Chong movie will probably chuckle at the play ... Read More »

Welcome to We Ski NYC

Subway to the Slopes

We Ski NYC was founded to be your personal guide to get you from the subway to the slopes.  We Ski NYC is for you, the skiers and snowboarders who wish we skipped a year of college to go work at a ski resort.  But for those of us figuring life out in the concrete jungle, for better or for ... Read More »

NYC Ski Shops


One of the most frustrating things about being a skier or snowboarder in NYC, specifically Manhattan, is the lack of quality gear shops. In fact in Manhattan, the only place to buy gear in a traditional retail setting is from either brand name shops such as Burton or from all purpose sporting good stores like EMS, REI, and Paragon.  If ... Read More »

Tales from a Ski Share House

We Ski NYC Ski Share House

There is one thing that New Yorkers know how to do all too well: share tight quarters.  Whether that means stuffing 4 people in a 2 bedroom apartment in the Village, or making the trek to the Hamptons or LBI to squeeze a dozen frat guys into twin beds to share a house for the summer, we let go of ... Read More »

Snow is Coming, Time to Call in Sick!


Happy New Year everyone! It’s January 1st, which for many people means the holidays are over and it is back to work. But for those lucky few of us that have a love for winter sports, this is the best time of the year. It is snow season. January, February, and March, they are the best months of the year ... Read More »

Snow Report: December 30th – January 5th

Snow Trail Sign Edit

It’s almost the New Year, and you know what that means…great snow is in our future. We have already been seeing some great storms this season, and there is bound to be more to come. We Ski NYC highly recommends making the journey to a local mountain this week to enjoy your holiday. Check out the events at the mountains ... Read More »

Mount Everest Stadium Sale: Mountain Deals

Snowy Field and a snow plow at the Mount Everest Stadium Sale on Tuesday night!

As we all inevitably will realize, the cost of getting on the mountain can be as steep as the mountain itself.  At We Ski NYC, we recommend that you attempt to scope out your shred plan for the season and buy your lift tickets in the most economical way possible. The resorts want to sell as many tickets and passes ... Read More »

Layer Up: The Gear You Need


As a new skier or snowboarder, you may be wondering how exactly to dress for the ski slopes and still stay warm in those sometimes freezing temperatures. The key to success is layering correctly.  But a secret that not everyone knows is that layering correctly also involves having the right kind of clothes, not just the right amount.  To make ... Read More »

Snow Report: First Edition

Killington Resort

Welcome to the We Ski NYC’s first ever Snow Report! In this report you can find news about what’s happening in the NYC ski scene each week. This includes Mountain Events, Ski Club Events, Sales on Gear, and other things you NEED to know as a skier or snowboarder in NYC. Top Deals: Killington has $65 1-day lift tickets up ... Read More »

NYC Ski Bus Companies

NYC Ski Bus Stops

One of the reasons New Yorkers are found all over the mountains is because of the bus companies that bring us there. All of the NYC ski bus companies provide a mostly standard service of picking up ski jacket clad winter warriors and bringing them to the resorts.  Each of the bus companies offer fairly similar prices depending on which ... Read More »