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NYC Ski Bus Companies

NYC Ski Bus Companies

One of the reasons New Yorkers are found all over the mountains is because of the bus companies that bring us there.

All of the NYC ski bus companies provide a mostly standard service of picking up ski jacket clad winter warriors and bringing them to the resorts.  Each of the bus companies offer fairly similar prices depending on which mountain you choose.  Having experienced a trip on each of the bus companies, there isn’t a whole world of difference, so we would recommend choosing a bus trip based on the best pick up location for you, because at 4 am and 6 am you aren’t exactly looking for a long commute to your trip.

Urban Sherpa Travel

Urban Sherpa Travel is a tried and true bus company that has been taking skiers and riders up to the Catskills and Vermont for years.  They make weekly trips to Hunter, Windham and Stratton, and occasional trips to Killington and Camelback.

Urban Sherpa has pick up locations in Union Square, Times Square, and the Upper West side. They also host summer trips as well for adventures like kayaking and whitewater rafting. Urban Sherpa teams up with EMS.

Protip: If you are planning to take a trip with Urban Sherpa, be sure to book before Wednesday of that week because Urban Sherpa Travel offers a $10 discount.


OvRride came on the scene a couple of years ago and has taken the market by storm.  They are led by a fierce team of snow obsessed skiers and riders.  OvRride is known among NYC skiers and riders for providing a good time on the bus ride home, with like minded young snow bunnies.

OvRride busses make weekly trips to the Catskills and Vermont and weekday trips to Camelback. OvRride’s pick up locations are located all over Manhattan and Brooklyn.

They have teamed up with many of the area shops: Skate Brooklyn, Homage, Aegir Boardworks, Blades, Burton, and REI.

Protip: OvRride likes to party, so jump on with them if you do to, or maybe check out another company if you’d like to snooze on the way back.


Snowboard Escapes

Snowboard Escapes is a company that offers NYC skiers and riders the only bus pick up location in Forest Hills, Queens.  The bus company is affiliated exclusively with Emilio’s Ski Shop in Forest Hills, Snowboard Escapes provides reliable service to the Catskills and Vermont. They also have a few pick-up locations in Manhattan. All rentals are done through Emilio’s Ski Shop.

Protip: Snowboard Escapes stops by a 24 hour deli on the way out of Manhattan… jump off the bus to grab snacks and a coffee.

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