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NYC Ski Shops

NYC Ski Shops

One of the most frustrating things about being a skier or snowboarder in NYC, specifically Manhattan, is the lack of quality gear shops. In fact in Manhattan, the only place to buy gear in a traditional retail setting is from either brand name shops such as Burton or from all purpose sporting good stores like EMS, REI, and Paragon.  If you look to the outer boroughs, you can find dedicated ski shops, but only a very small handful, and unfortunately, the gear there is necessarily limited by the size of their shops. But don’t be discouraged, most of the major brands can be found here in our humble town. You can find quality gear right here in NYC, you just have to know where to look. Below is a list of all of the ski shops or places you can get ski and snowboard gear that are located in the five boroughs. Check out each store’s individual profiles for more information on their location, selection, and services.


Full Service Shops:

These shops are dedicated ski or snowboard shops that offer a full range of services such as tuning, waxing, and repairs.

NYC Ski Shop NYC Ski Shop

1) Emilio’s Ski Shop -

Located in Forest Hills, Queens, Emilio’s is the oldest ski shop in the city. Their selection of ski and snowboard hard goods is definitely one of the best selections in the city. Emilio’s is also a great spot for a tune up or repair. If you are looking to get skis, snowboards, boots, or bindings, Emilio’s is a great option. You can get there from Manhattan on the R or M trains, and it is worth the trip if you have serious ski needs.

2) Panda Sports-

Panda Sports has been in business since 1987 and proudly serves the five boroughs. With a name like Panda Sports, one might be a little skeptical, but the staff at Panda know their stuff. They have a great selection of both ski and snowboard gear and carry most of the big name brands. They have expert boot fitters, and any gear you buy or rent from them is set up and mountain ready.  As far as places to shop for ski gear in NYC go, Panda Sports is definitely toward the top of the list.  But its location in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn is a little out of the way and makes this shop a better fit for those living in downtown Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Staten Island.


Retail Sports Shops:

These shops are large sports shops that sell ski gear (both hard and softgoods) in their stores.

1) EMS-

Eastern Mountain Sports, or EMS is an outdoors store that specializes primarily in outdoor adventure activities. They carry a selection of just about everything you might need to hike, climb, or camp. In the winter they stock a selection of skis and snowboards that are located in the downstairs area right as you walk in to their Soho location. If you are looking for your basic downhill ski hardgoods look elsewhere. EMS is dedicated to adventure sports, and regular skiing just doesn’t seem to make the cut at this location. However, if you are searching for an outfitter to buy all of your telemarking ski gear, this is your spot. EMS also has a selection of softgoods. The choices are somewhat limited to The North Face brand or EMS brand (which typically mimics The North Face selection). But if you’re in a bind or you just love The North Face, EMS is your spot.

2) REI -

REI is known for its huge selection of gear ranging from camping equipment, to stand up paddle boards to snowsports gear.   As the shop is conveniently located in Soho, it is a great store to browse a wide variety of ski and snowboard equipment while enjoying Manhattan’s hottest shopping neighborhood.   REI is also famously known for its extremely generous return policy – they will accept any merchandise for any reason. But REI for the most part lacks a knowledgable and dedicated snowsports staff, come here if you know what you are looking for or want to have the comfort of a no questions asked return policy.

3) Paragon Sports-

Similarly to REI, Paragon is known to have everything you need for any kind of outdoor (or indoor) sport or recreation activity you can think of. The shop has been around for a while, and it is huge and just north of Union Square. Paragon offers a seasonal selection of ski and snowboard gear, both hardgoods and softgoods. During the winter they have a dedicated snowsports staff who knows how to size you up for the right gear and set it up so you’re ready to ski or ride all season long. Paragon is probably the best bet for ski or snowboard gear in Manhattan, especially if you’re looking for that one stop shopping experience, best of all you get free lifetime tune ups for any skis or snowboards you purchase from them. If you’re looking for a deal on equipment or ski clothing, shop early at their annual warehouse sale in the fall.

Snowboard Only Shops:

These shops sell only snowboard hardgoods and softgoods.

NYC Snowboard Shop

1) Aegir Boardworks

Aegir Boardworks is a full service “board” shop specializing in surf, skate, and snow.  The two owners of the shop are friendly and knowledgable guys who are able to talk all things “board.”  The shop itself is located in a converted loading dock so it has that hip Brooklyn vibe all boarders are looking for.  The snowboard gear is a well curated selection, focused on high quality products – many that are winners of coveted industry awards.  The store also features stylish and trendy street clothes for men and women.

2) Bird’s Eye Boardshop

Bird’s Eye Boardshop is a rider owned and operated snowboard shop. The shop operates online all year round, and last winter they had a Brooklyn showroom. Bird’s Eye offers a wide range of brands on Hardgoods and softgoods for men and women. If you check out their website you can get a feel for this shop. However, since this shop primarily online, if you’re looking for a spot to try on gear and talk to people in person, you’ll have to choose from one of the other boardshops, or wait to see if Bird’s Eye opens up a winter showroom again.

3) Blades

Blades has two locations in Manhattan, on the Upper West Side and downtown. Both locations stock an assortment of snowboarding goods. It’s a good option to check out for your snowboard gear if you live in those areas. If you are traveling to get to a shop, I’d probably pick one of the other more local boardshops or ski shops for quality gear or one of the bigger retailers for a greater selection.

4) Burton

Burton is the snowboarding industry’s equivalent to Thomas Edison.  Since Burton practically invented the sport in 1977, the company is a reliable source for anything and everything snowboarding.  There is no better place than the NYC Flagship store to pick up your favorite Burton gear including the brand’s baselayers and funky snowboard specific socks.  From the moment you walk in and see the ski report chalk board, you feel as if you just stepped into a friendly Vermont ski lodge filled with gear.  The store is professionally designed, so it is a clean and inviting shopping experience.  The young and helpful staff knows the ins and outs of their products and can outfit you in the season’s latest gear from helmet to boot.  Be sure to check their facebook page for special promotions.

5) Homage

Homage is primarily a skate shop in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. But in the winter they stock some great boards, bindings, and boots. They have knowledgeable staff and they can tell you what you need to know to get that perfect boot, binding, and board set-up. The shop has a cool hip vibe and you will feel right at home here if you are in tune with the snowboarding culture. The shop also has a great facebook page where they advertise their sales, and there are a lot of them. If you’re looking to score great rider driven brands at great prices, you should definitely give Homage a shot.

6) Skate Brooklyn

Skate Brooklyn is a skateboarders dream. You walk into an unsuspecting door and the shop opens up to reveal a small skatepark. Local skateboarders spend their nights doing tricks inside this shop and all the while you can be standing next to them picking out your next snowboard. The shop is a good bet to pick up a new set of K2 bindings or that sweet Never Summer board you’ve been drooling over. But don’t come here for softgoods, you’ll find yourself disappointed.

7) Zumiez

More information to come…

Other Gear Spots:

These are stores or special sales where you can find ski and snowboard goods but either the selection is hit or miss or they are large sales that take place only a couple times a year.

photo image

1) TJ Maxx and Marshalls

TJ Maxx and Marshalls are large retail chains that offer discounted merchandise by selling primarily past seasons fashions. The good news is, past season goods are not that different from current season goods in the ski and snowboard world and it is perfectly acceptable to wear that ski jacket or those  snowboard pants from last year. You might be surprised but many of these stores in the city have great deals on high quality brand name ski and snowboard softgoods. In the past I’ve seen Giro Helmets, Burton Jackets and Pants, Spyder Pants, Obermeyer, Dakine, and Columbia. The selection is hit or miss, but if you are looking to score quality gear at online shopping prices, and you enjoy the thrill of finding a bargain, then you should definitely stop by. During the winter they tend to have a very good assortment of accessories, especially gloves, and you can almost always find a ski jacket or two. For the best selection I’ve seen, try the TJ Maxx in Chelsea or the Marshalls in Rego Park.

3) Sports Authority

We all know this big box retailer sells anything and everything they can, this includes snowsports gear. However, I’d be careful buying from here unless you are getting something on super sale. The hardgoods, especially the snowboard goods tend to be of a lower quality than the gear you find in specific ski shops or other retailers in the city.

4) Mount Everest Stadium Sale

While this sale is in NJ at the Metlife stadium and would be very difficult for the average NYCer to get to via public transportation, the smart people at Mount Everest offer a round trip shuttle bus from Union Square. The sale typically takes place twice during the winter, usually in early December and again at the end of the season. This sale is a great place to score amazing deals on ANYTHING you can think of that is ski or snowboard related. The staff at the event are knowledgable and you can fully outfit yourself with some of the best gear around. The selection at this sale is unmatched and it is really one of my favorite events of the season. Not to mention you can score some amazing deals on lift tickets and enter to win all kinds of free prizes! It is definitely worth the bus trip if you are looking to make some big purchases.

5) REI Members Only Used Gear Sale

If you are really strapped for cash but you just have to have that $600 pair of ski boots, consider borrowing a car, (or hitchhiking) to one of the other three REI stores that are located near the city for one of their quarterly Members Only Used Gear Sales. This sale is very hit or miss, but I have scored tons of new and like new ski or snowboard gear here for RIDICULOUS prices. At the last sale I picked up a pair of K2 snowboard bindings, brand new in the box for less than $10, and a pair of $600 ski boots that had never been used for $70. But, in order to get the most of the sale you need to be prepared and know exactly what you are looking for, because it is a mad rush for the doors and the best deals are gone within minutes of the sale starting. This is the type of event that people start to camp out for a few hours before opening. I was second in line for the last one I went to and I showed up at 5:30 am (4.5 hours before it was set to open). In order to buy anything you do need to buy the $20 REI Lifetime membership, but it is well worth it for the crazy prices you can find and the membership lasts a lifetime so you can go back to sale after sale after sale.

6) Paragon Sports Warehouse Sale

This annual event is a great place to score some discounted gear. The prices are slightly better than the prices at the Mount Everest sale, and they mostly have gear from a couple of seasons ago. If you want to get the best deals show up on the first day and B-Line it to the Ski section to the far left of the sale entrance. They usually have a huge selection of boots, but the most popular sizes get cleaned out early. You can come in towards the end of the sale and still pick up a board or skis and usually for even better prices as they start to do markdowns about halfway through. The sale usually lasts a couple of weekends and deals can be found the whole time, I like to stop by on a couple different days just to see if anything I’ve had my eye on is marked down significantly.



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