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Smokin’ Bowls: A Side of the Road Foodie Heaven

Smokin’ Bowls: A Side of the Road Foodie Heaven

Along Rt. 103 in Rockingham, Vermont just before the on ramp to I-91 is a little unassuming shack filled with delicious soups that will make you all warm and fuzzy inside after a cold day on the slopes. Anyone that grew up in the 60′s or has ever seen a Cheech and Chong movie will probably chuckle at the play on words name “Smokin’ Bowls” and to keep with that theme, Smokin’ Bowls features a delicious Cheech and Chong Chili.

This is the perfect spot to hit if you are driving back to the city from Killington or Okemo and you plan to grab food on the road. They serve up their delicious varieties of soup in coffee cups which allows you to sip them while you drive and best of all they fit right into your cup holders.  If you’re not sure which soup you want, don’t be shy, ask them for a sample and prepare to have your taste buds do some tingling.

On Sundays, a local sets up with a tent just to the right of the soup shack and offers free samples of homemade salsas and dips as well as smoked salmon and other goodies. If you plan ahead and grab a bag of tortilla chips before you leave the mountain, you can be snacking on chips and salsa for the rest of the 3hr and 30 minute drive back to NYC.

Best of all, Smokin’ Bowls sometimes surprises customers with a free dessert. The brownies and the pecan bars are awesome so cross your fingers. So if you appreciate a little drug culture humor and a delicious soup after skiing all day, then Smokin’ Bowls is the perfect pit stop on your drive home to NYC.

Pro-Tip: If you have a couple of people with you that want the same thing, consider buying a quart of the soup and sharing, it’s a little more economical and you get a cool mason jar as a souvenir.

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