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Welcome to We Ski NYC

Welcome to We Ski NYC

We Ski NYC was founded to be your personal guide to get you from the subway to the slopes.  We Ski NYC is for you, the skiers and snowboarders who wish we skipped a year of college to go work at a ski resort.  But for those of us figuring life out in the concrete jungle, for better or for worse – our mission is to help you ride the chairlift just as much as the downtown express train.

We Ski NYC was born to show New Yorkers that there are countless ways to go skiing and snowboarding each and every weekend without getting on a plane or spending thousands of dollars.  All New Yorkers know that there is only so much cold and bitter winter we can take (melting in our coats on the subway, black slush, and sledding on a trash can lid in the park) before the season takes its toll on us.  We Ski NYC can show you how to leave the city every weekend and find yourself on the top of a mountain, breathing in that crisp non-polluted air, and flying down a mountain  before heading back to our beloved city.

We Ski NYC will:

1) Tell you how to get to get up to the mountains (even without owning a car)

No car? No problem!  We will dish on the many NYC-based companies whose missions, like ours, is to help our fellow Gothamites ski and snowboard the best that the east coast has to offer.

2) Give you an in depth snapshot about the closest and most accessible mountains

Not all mountains are created equal.  For that reason, we will focus on the mountains that are the easiest to get to without a car.

3) Direct you to the best gear shops in NYC so that you are properly “snow suited up”  

If your dad tried to give you his 80s neon snow suit… wear it! Everyone knows that looking trendy on the hill is half the experience.  Whether you are going for the retro look or want your gear to blend in with your street clothes – we will cover all of the best shops in the city and online.

4) Provide you with tried and true tips so that you can make the most of your day on the hill.

Are you looking for the hottest apres bars at all of the mountains? Want to become involved with local ski clubs and organizations?  We will highlight all of our favorites so that you can make the most of your on and off the snow experiences.

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